Molluscum Treatment Perth


What is it?

Molluscum is a skin condition that causes small skin-coloured or pink bumps on the skin. The centre of the round bump may be indented. They often appear in groups in an area.

What causes it?

Molluscum is caused by a poxvirus skin infection and is most common in children. The virus is easily spread by direct skin contact, and is more common in warm, humid climates. The infection is contagious until all the bumps are gone.

What are the symptoms?

Molluscum appears as small round bumps on the skin. They are painless and can be anywhere on the body. The bumps can turn red and inflamed when the body is fighting the virus, so they often look at their worst just before they go away. At this time, they can get itchy if they trigger eczema.

What are the treatment options?

Most cases of molluscum don’t need treatment as they will go away on their own with time. This can take up to one year. Some people ask for treatment if it is ongoing, widespread or troublesome. Treatment options available at Subi Derm include putting a chemical on the spots, such as cantharadin, or scraping off the bumps, which is called curettage.

What to expect at your appointment

You will be asked questions about the molluscum, how it is affecting your child and previous treatments you have tried. You will also be asked questions about your child’s past and current health. Your child’s skin will be examined carefully for the features of molluscum, and also eczema. No specific tests will be needed to diagnose molluscum.

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