Skin Infections

Skin Infection Treatment Perth

Skin Infections

We treat many different skin, hair and nail conditions in children and so are uniquely positioned to identify and treat skin infections when they occur, especially if they are present with other skin conditions making them harder to diagnose or treat.

What is it?

The skin is the body’s barrier against bacteria, viruses and fungi that cause infections. We all have many organisms living on our skin’s surface. These healthy organisms are called the microbiome, and they work to protect us from infections. Some infections affect children more often than adults, as their immune system is still developing and kids play in close contact with each other.

Causes & treatments

There are many types of bacterial, viral and fungal infections that will need medical care:

  • Bacterial infections can include boils and folliculitis, cellulitis and also school sores (impetigo). These can be painful, itchy and may be highly contagious so prompt treatment is important. Clinical diagnosis can be confirmed with a skin swab to diagnose the bacteria. Treatment is usually antibacterial washes, good hygiene and antibiotics.
  • Viral infections include warts, molluscum and chickenpox.
  • Fungal infections commonly cause ringworm or tinea between the toes in adolescents. It is contagious and usually appears as a red, dry, scaly, itchy rash. It can be found on the body, on the head or in the nails. A skin scraping may be done to help confirm the diagnosis. Treatments include antifungal creams and, occasionally, antifungal tablets are needed.
  • Head lice and scabies are examples of parasitic skin infections. These are also contagious and need to be treated quickly to prevent spread to others. Both are very itchy. It is important to assess and treat all affected members of the family at the same time.
  • Sometimes infections will cause a rash which can be alarming, but is not infectious, such as pityriasis rosea. These rashes can occur after a variety of different viral illnesses.

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